Darkskin vs lightskin needs to STOP (by thosegirlsarewild)

Vitiligo: A Skin Condition not a Life Changer (by thosegirlsarewild)


Soooo Yep Ive been missing in action. Partly due to the crazy schedule I have been working, partly due to the holidays, and partly due to a broken laptop.  I have truly missed you guys. Now as I sit here at my desktop, yes I said desktop, drinking a glass, or two, of wine and fet prooped up very much unlady like I write this blog. Lets see where to start……My hair, always a great conversation starter, I have thourghly abused and misused KK. I have been using a blow-dryer more frequently becaue of my lack of time and I can tell a definite difference.  I have also stop making my whipped shea butter out of sheer laziness. Im not much into new years resolutions so I have started to try and rectify this problem now.  Just made a new batch of yummy deliciousness and the last wash session- NO HEAT!!!!  Go Me!!  Yes I know these are smile steips but for a person who barely has time to pee i think of them as grand strides.  Now moving on to the next topic……Health???    Well I have loss some weight, but it wasnt done healthy.  It was all stress related.  Some people get stress and eat more, i get stressed and eat less.  Im trying to take this unhealthy boost and turn it into a positive.  Now if I could just start….dare i say it…..working out.  I get tired and winded just typing it. It may also help if i lay off the wine but dont see that happening in the near future.  Love life…..non-existent.  Work…..is work but I have started doing more of the things I love on the side which helps balance out work.My blog is one of the things I love and I will be back to you guys quickly.  This was suppose to be a quick drop in but apparently not so much.  HA!!! I think I shall call it a night.  I have intentions of coming back to play tomorrow.


So I havnt blogged in a couple of weeks due to life being hectic. Hell I havnt even checked my tumblr, but life is becoming more normal and I’m back!!!!! YEAH for me!!!


Let the Church say Amen!


Let the Church say Amen!

The ultimate Chameleon

I was talking to one of my followers on twitter and I realized that the black race (or African American for those of you who prefer this term) is the Ultimate Chameleon.  We come in different shades and sizes.  Our hair can go from straight to tightly curled to absolutely no curl at all.  Its beautiful!  WE ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!  I love milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, and vanilla skin tones.  Isnt it just delecious describing our skin tones.  So I love the skin I am in as well as the skin you are in.  We are so versatile and its so Beautiful.  I thought I would share the musings of an admirer of all things different.  Skin, hair, shape.  We are the Ultimate Chameleon and We are Beautiful!

Will Da Real One Performs on The Lyric Cafe (by BlackMediaInc)  He was so talented.  R.I.P King, Sincerely a Queen!  :-(